The above mentioned line might sound to your ears little weird but when it comes to Breast Milk Donations, it’s more than a weird question or a line- it’s a boon.


There may be many things that a woman might like but for a Mom, her child comes first.

There has been an age old notion that for a woman, her jewelry is precious but the very aura of that object fades away when it comes to her little one.


  • The perfect present would be donating Breast Milk to the Milk Bank for helping another mother to save her child.
  • The perfect present would be supporting a mom who desperately wants the best for her child.
  • The perfect present would be helping a mom who really, really wanted to breastfeed but just couldn’t for a host of reasons.
  • The perfect present would be giving a mom the time she needs to heal by feeding her baby the best alternative, donor milk. 


If you agree, please consider contributing your precious Milk to “Amaara Human Milk Bank” by donating in honor of the Preemie babies and for the very Pride of being a Mother.