Most of the new mothers wonder about the term “Colostrum Milk” when they hear it for the first time. It is the milk  which is produced in the first few days after the birth of your baby. Colostrum is a thick and sticky usually with a pale yellow in colour liquid. It has high antibody content and makes it vital for the baby’s health and acts as a first vaccination for them. Though it is very concentrated, but this milk is easily digested and is produced in small quantities just enough to satiate the requirements of your newborn. It lasts for five to seven days.

Few more features of Colostrum are:

  • High content of protein, minerals, salt,Vitamin A, antibodies, and very little fat and sugar
  • Acts as a laxative promoting the easy passage of meconium (baby’s first stool)
  • Prevents neo-natal jaundice by encouraging expulsion of bilirubin from the gut

The earlier your baby starts feeding on colostrum, it is good for the baby and the mother. The baby gets a nutritional head start and your milk production gets off to a quick start as well.