Milk Bank is a service, which collects, screen and processes human milk, which is donated by nursing mothers. Mothers who donate their milk are screened for various diseases and the collected milk is then screened and analyzed before being pasteurized and frozen for use.

A plethora of studies have shown time and again that the best thing for a baby is breast milk, especially in the case of premature babies, where breast milk can be a lifesaver and works better than any medication. While that is known sometimes due to medical reasons mothers aren’t able to give their babies milk and have to use infant formula. But there are cases where it is incredibly important for the baby to receive breast milk and that is where the unique but essential Milk Bank comes into play.

Milk Bank is the answer to mothers who are unable to lactate or cannot give their own milk for reasons such as passing any infection to the infant. In India there are over 1.4 million deaths of children under the age of five and almost fifty percent of those cases are babies under 28 days. Breast milk plays a big role in preventing these deaths. This liquid gold or superfood that can save a life is now being made available through Delhi-NCR’s first human Milk-“Amaara”.

Say yes to Amaara, say yes to life!