As human milk donation is a noble cause and the milk donated is precious, this milk is used for most vulnerable babies who are admitted in hospital like preterm babies, or growth restricted babies, when the mother is not able to supply her own milk.

As mentioned above donor breast milk is not only safe but also has a protective effect especially in the extreme preterm and growth restricted babies and improves their chance of survival. A number of steps are taken to ensure that the donor breast milk is safe such as – All donor mothers are screened for possible infections – This donor milk is collected and stored according to international norms – The milk is pasteurized using state of the art equipment so as to ensure it is infection free – After pasteurization this milk then undergoes laboratory testing to confirm that there is no infection Everything is done in such a manner that your baby receives donor milk that is safe and yet retains most of the nutrition.

Across India, infants’ medical need for Donor Human Milk far surpasses the supply and continues to increase. According to W.H.O., India sits on top of the list with maximum pre-term births every year at 3.5 million pre-term births! Increasing preterm birth rates mean an increased need for donor milk in the neonatal intensive care units. Preterm infants are most in need of human milk, yet their moms are the least likely to be able to provide what they need in the earliest days of life. Mothers who have surplus milk can help fill this need and give fragile infants a better chance to grow and thrive.

Primarily this milk is used for babies in our own NICU, if we have excess milk we will supply it to other hospitals as well, as Amaara is the first and only human milk bank in Delhi/NCR, we will be more than happy to help.